Case #237 : Orthodontics
Courtesy : Dr. Nico Kamosi

The clinical outcome after 7 months of orthodontic treatment by Invislaign® Aligners (Courtesy: DR Nico Kamosi)

Case #238 : Orthodontics
Courtesy : Dr. Nico Kamosi

Clinical presentation: 1) Severe Maxillary & mandibular posterior arch-length loss, 2) misalignment of upper teeth,

Specialist treatment schedule: 1) Oral hygienist instruction & prophylactic measures2) Orthodontic treatment plan: a) Twin Block therapy was commenced for 18 months to correct the over jet, b) Rick-A-Nator was fabricated to maintain the corrected dentition, but also to allow opening of the vertical dimension while levelling and alignment is achieved, c) Straight wire fixed appliances was proceed with.

Case #239 : Kroon
Courtesy : Dr. Nico Kamosi

History of present complaints: Non-harmoinic smile line, aesthetically disturbing upper anterior discoloured teeth, unsightly amalgam fillings

Clinical presentation: 1) Defective crowns 11 & 21, 2. Mild Maxillary posterior arch length loss, 3) misalignment of upper teeth, 4) Moderate age-related & amalgam-induced  teeth discolouration

Specialist treatment schedule: 1) Full mouth hygienist & Air-flow treatment & stable periodontal health, 2) Home whitening,  3) Replacement of all deteriorated & amalgam fillings with composite, 4)Home teeth-whitening 5) Orthodontic treatment plan: a) Maxillary ALF appliances for 3months followed by maxillary fixed orthodontic appliances to correct dental misalignment & asymmetry, and to expand the anterior section, b) Anterio-posterior palatal loop to initiate and perform bilateral transverse development, c) Fixed straight wire therapy using edge wise technique, d) Delta-force to level & align dentition for another 9months, followed by Ceramic crowns 11 & 21.

Case #240 : Orthodontie
Courtesy : Dr. Nico Kamosi