London Specialist Dentist Fees

Please find below our private fees.
We always provide you with a treatment plan and written estimates prior to treatment commencing.

Code Specialist Oral Assessments Fees
E01New patient Oral examination + Panoramic Radiograph£80
E02Emergency Oral Investigation, Panoramic radiograph, Advice and Prescription£120
E03Full-mouth Investigation + Panoramic radiograph + Digital Intra-oral Scanning + Treatment Options & Planning£220
E04Recall Oral Examination + Radiographs£75
Code Specialist Hygiene & Periodontal treatment Fees
H01Basic hygiene session (Ultrasonic EMS® Scaling & fine polishing)£95
H02Advanced Hygiene session + Ultrasonic EMS® + EMS® Air-flow + Combined Polishing£180
H03EMS® Scaling with local Anaesthesia + Combined EMS® Air-flow Polishing (SPT)£220
P01Periodontal Consultation (Incl. radiographs) & Report£200
P02Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment (NSPT) EMS + Laser Assisted Periodontal Treatment (LAPT) per quadrant£300
P03Surgical Non-regenerative treatment (per quarter)£600
P04Surgical Regenerative treatment (per quarter)£950
Code Specialist Root-canal Treatment Fees
R0Endodontic Investigation Incl. radiographs£100
R01Endodontic treatment: One root canal£400
R02Endodontic treatment: Two root canals£600
R03Endodontic treatment: Three root canals£800
R04Endodontic treatment: Complex root canals£950
Code Specialist Surgical Tooth Extraction Fees
Ex01Clinical Investigation (Incl. radiograph)£75
Ex01Simple Extraction£175
Ex02Surgical Extraction with Socket preservation (L-PRF)£375
Ex03Surgical Extraction with socket preservation (L-PRF + Synthetic Graft)£575
Ex04Surgical Extraction of Wisdom tooth (Incl. after care)£575
Code Cosmetic Premium Fillings Fees
F01Composite fillings One Surface£165
F02Composite fillings Two Surfaces£195
F03Composite fillings Multi Surfaces£250
C02Ceramic Inlay/Onlay£950
Code Specialist Orthodontic treatment Fees
O01Orthodontic assessment (Incl. Panoramic radiograph)£120
O02Invisalign® Orthodontic treatment: Elite Digital Outcome Simulator, Orthodontic Refinement (Incl. free repairs) & 3-set Viviera® Retainers£3500
O03Invisalign® Orthodontic treatment (Complex cases) : Elite Digital Outcome Simulator, Orthodontic Refinement (Incl. free repairs) & 3-set Viviera® Retainers£5000
O04Fixed Orthodontic Treatment (Incl. Free repairs) & Free Retainers  £3000
O05Fixed Orthodontic Treatment. Complex (Incl. Free repairs) & Free Retainers£4500
O06LINGUAL® Fixed Orthodontic Treatment. Complex (Incl. Free repairs) & Free Retainers£6000
Code Specialist Prosthodontic & Cosmetic Treatment Fees
C01Cosmetic & Functional Full-mouth Investigation & Consultation (Incl. Panoramic radiograph + Digital Intra-oral Scanning + Treatment Options & Planning)£220
C02Digital Smile Design and Mock-up£850
C03LASER Office whitening + Home whitening kit incl. + Desensitising agent + Digital Intra-oral Scanning£500
C04Premium Ceramic Crown by Senior cosmetic ceramic technician (3-year warranty)£950
C05Premium Ceramic Veneers by Senior cosmetic ceramic technician (3-year warranty)£1050
Code Specialist Smile Design Fees
S01Smile Design Consultation Incl. Panoramic radiograph, Intra-oral digital scanning & Outcome simulation, advice, Treatment options£200
S02Smile line correction (One quarter)£500
S03Smile line correction (One arch)£800
S04Correction of Gum recession (one tooth)£400
S05Correction of Gum recession (two teeth)£600
S06Correction of Gum recession (per quadrant)£900
Code Digitalised Implant Surgery & Restorative Procedures Fees
I01Single Implant Surgical procedure£1,800
I02Single Implant Restorative procedure£1,400
I03Regenerative procedure (GBR)£800
I04Multiple Implant Surgical procedure£1,600
I05Multiple Implant Restorative procedure£1,400
I06Pontic per unit£600
I07All-on-4-Implants & One-day Smile Incl. Bone augmentation£18,000
I08All-on-6-Implants & One-day Smile incl. Bone augmentation£24,000
I09Removable Prosthesis on 4 Implants Incl. Bone augmentation£10,000
I10Removable Prosthesis on 6 Implants Incl. Bone augmentation£14,000
I11Removable Prosthesis on 4 Mini-Implants£6,000
I12Removable Prosthesis on 6 Mini-Implants£8,000
I13Supportive Peri-Implant Treatment 30min£150
I14Implant maintenance treatment 30min£150
Code Removable partial & full Prostheses Fees
P01Removable Full Acrylic Metal-reinforced Prosthesis (Premium teeth selection, Master technician)£1500
P02Removable Partial Cadmium Prosthesis (master technician)£1800
P03Repair & modification£300
P04Premium Michigan Functional Night-guard£800
P05Anti-Snoring Device£950

Payment for your dental care by: Card or cash. (All visa /debit/credit cards except Amex are accepted)
For bank transfer please use our account details in Payment Methods