Osseointegration is a process by which, a clinically asymptomatic rigid direct fixation between an alloplastic material (implant) and surrounding living bone is achieved, and maintained under functional loading (Zarb & Albrektsson 1991).
One of the key factors in the long-term success of dental implants is the maintenance of healthy tissues around them. A cause-effect relationship between bacterial plaque accumulation and the development of inflammatory changes in the soft tissues surrounding dental implants has been shown. The existing scientific evidence demonstrates a direct association between oral microbiota and bacterial peri-implant inflammatory lesions in the form of Peri-implant mucositis or peri-implantitis.
Therefore, the above-mentioned risk factors especially the standard of oral hygiene should be reinforced and the general health status of the periodontal tissues around the remaining teeth should be monitored during the maintenance phase.
The Guarantee for your dental implant does not cover failure due to factors mentioned above and does not include failure due to illness, misuse or accidents.

Our clinic undertakes to warrant crowns, bridges, and metal-based dentures against mechanical failure for three years subject to the following:
  1. That you attend the surgery at least once a year for a full routine dental inspection.
  2. That you attend the dental hygienist/ dentist regularly every 4 months (at least every 6 months) for professional hygiene and maintenance of the restorations provided.
  3. That you undertake any remedial treatment regarded as necessary to maintain oral health.

Implants are guaranteed once for a year after insertion after which patients may opt for dental insurance available through an insurance service. The guarantee is subject to your compliance with the highest standard of oral hygiene and regular attendance for maintenance and reviews recommended every 4 months. Failure to do so will render any guarantee void. Therefore we strongly recommend all of our patients who have received implant treatment to undertake radiographic and other investigations on an annual basis to review the stability of the implant.
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