"Collaboration based on confidence and professionalism"

Dear colleague 

As a referring dentist, you can have fully confidence that all your patients will be provided with the treatment exclusively listed on your referral request. 
Additional dental treatments, when indicated and beneficial to your patient, will be addressed in the referral response as a part of our referral services.

The referral procedures

In order to put the patients' interest in a centre of holistic and professional working environment, it is pivotal to apply the most biologically compatible materials, innovative equipment, and scientifically evidence-based implemented techniques. 
The following steps facilitates the referral cycle procedure as follows:
  1. As a referring dentist, please identify those patient categories suitable for provision of specialised dentistry.
  2. Please see our online information about patient selection criteria, medical history, patient expectation.  
  3. A report from the patient's comprehensive consultation, treatment plan along with the performed treatment will be emailed to you according to our "codes for good practice".
  4. On your request, we shall be delighted to provide you with further guidance, and clinical support.


Please register your patients by filling in our online referral form in