Your first visit

We strive to welcome you as in a sophisticated relaxed reception area. Your comfort is our priority and we do our best to make your visit a good experience. We will ask you to kindly take some time to fill in a questionnaire about your medical history and dental forms. You can download, print, fill out and bring them along at the time of your appointment. Please be reassured that all data provided by you will remain strictly confidential.

Your oral examination

Your dentist will go through your medical history, will listen to your concerns and expectations. The first visit usually involves taking clinical photographs and a number of X-rays. Complex cases and also some treatments eg. Reconstruct the bite, orthodontics, implants, wisdom teeth and gum problems can scan a full mouth (panoramic) are required. Once your dentist has completed a routine dental investigation, all the photographic and clinical findings are explained and illustrated using two parallel digital monitors.

Discussion & Specialist Dentistry

A 15 – minute consultations for specialist / comprehensive dental treatment will be allocated to the new patients to improve their knowledge about their oral health. Should patients choose to undergo a further oral examination, a complete full – mouth research will be performed, including x-rays, photographs, study design so that potential treatments can be a discussion and a treatment plan can be developed in the best interest of the patient.Complimentary consultations for specialist / comprehensive dental treatment will be continuously transmitted to our registered patients for their understanding and knowledge about their oral health status and the possible improvement they can run on their specific needs treatment.
After determining the nature, component, and phases of the multidisciplinary work the treatment plan will be submitted to colleagues and assigned to specialized experts
Once all of the questions to be interpreted by the patient, they are in the position to make a decision of when and how to take further steps in the direction of their planned treatment. The entire treatment procedures are carried out by or under the supervision of Dr Nico Kamosi.

Treatment proposal

A range of treatment options will be explained and in detail and offered to you so that you can make your own decision.
In full-mouth rehabilitation cases, our patients will be provided with a written treatment plan together with a detailed breakdown of the estimated costs. During your treatment, you can listen to classical music or music of your choice or a clip or DVD on the screen. Feel free to bring your own CD or DVD.

Entertainment services for nervous patients

Fear of dental treatment has always been an important factor in keeping many patients away from the dentist need treatment.
On the LSD, we offer the support of a caring and sympathetic clinical team in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming environment in which your dental needs can be met with minimal fear or worry about you.
We have a special room under a cup of coffee to discuss your possible angle and other problems or dental treatment.
Our state of the art facility is fully equipped with a number of the latest Multi Media tools so your visit to the dentist should be a stress-free and comfortable experience.

International patients

We take great care and pleasure in welcoming and treating our international patients. We provide nurses who could speak our international patients.