Dental hygiene clinic is the area of dentistry that focuses primarily on prevention of oral disease and the maintenance of sound oral health of the teeth and gums.
Good oral care habits need to be established from childhood and are the foundation to lifelong healthy teeth and gums. Our Dental Hygienist is highly trained in this area to provide you with the following services:
  • Adult and Child Oral Health Education
  •  Treatment of Gum Disease
  •  Prevention of Tooth Decay
  •  Fissure Sealant Treatments for Children. Read More
  •  Bad Breath Treatments.
  •  Individual Oral Hygiene Care
  •  Scale and Polish
Every year, millions of people end up at their dentist requiring treatment for tooth decay and gum disease. With good dental education and a regular oral hygiene routine, many of these conditions and the suffering they cause can be prevented.