Occlusal splints

9 February 2019 by Nico Kamosi

Occlusal splints are devices to protect the teeth and restorations from any undue excessive occlusal/bite forces.

Occlusal splints are indicated in the following situations:

  1. Diagnosis and management of parafunction, severe bruxism and Pain Dysfunction Syndrome (PDS) by increasing muscle relaxation (Ekberg et al. 1998)
  2. Establishing RCP following reduced muscle hyperactivity and mandibular repositioning
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of traumatic occlusion to any part of the masticatory system
  4. Assessing alteration of the vertical dimension of occlusion (OVD)
  5. Protecting restorations from parafunctional activity
  6. Temporary disclusion of teeth during the orthodontics
  7. Stabilising the post-orthodontic tooth position as a retainer
  8. Treatment of patients with tension-headache (Forssell 1985)