Cosmetic dentistry

25 November 2015 by Nico Kamosi

A healthy smile is priceless, contagious and could make the first best impression on the people you come in contact with. A beautiful smile has the most social influence making people remember you after the first meeting. Recent research has proved that people with a healthy nice smile are considered as more confident, sociable and successful.

Healthy food, proper mouth hygiene, and having benefited from the modern conservative and cosmetic dentistry will result in a happier and more attractive smile.

Regular brushing and professional deposit and stain removal (EMS Airflow) by hygienists are essential to keep the teeth and gum health. Likewise, the appearance of the discolored teeth can be further improved by teeth whitening. Modern cosmetic dentistry can be used to lighten, straighten, reshape and repair teeth & improve their appearance. Cosmetic treatments include tooth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges, and dental implants.
Smile analysis and cosmetic imaging can reveal the potential changes that could be made in order to improve your natural smile. In our smile design studio, you will be provided with an initial consultation about your concern with the appearance of your smile and the possible improvements.

While LSD can help you to prevent both dental and gum disease, a full clinical consultation could be provided to inform you of the possible steps you could take to improve your smile using the latest conservative techniques applied in cosmetic dentistry.
A ceramic laminate veneer is a thin multi-layered ceramic facing, which is bonded to out tooth surface to modify and enhance the tooth color and shape.

This type of conservative and cosmetic treatment approach requires minimal tooth substance removal while it protects the defective fillings and discolored teeth.

While composite plastic veneers are cheaper, they are inferior to the ceramic veneers both in quality and strength. Composite veneers can be discolored or chipped over time and need to be replaced more often.

Crowns & bridges can be fixed to the natural teeth or dental implants and are fabricated in the dental laboratories in order to restore permanently the damaged or broken teeth, by providing a protective cover over a tooth. Crowns & bridges are fabricated in a variety of ceramic materials with optimized strength and aesthetics as the natural lifelike teeth using CAD-CAM and 3D printing technology. High-Strength zirconia-based ceramic crowns and bridges are covered with tooth-colored ceramic using a traditional layering technique for a more aesthetic result. Bridges can replace and restore the missing teeth, compromised biting and chewing function, the smile and the ability to speak. The dental bridges could maintain the position and integrity of the adjacent and opposing teeth, the lip position of the shape of the face.

The quality of the crowns and bridges fabricated by a dental laboratory as in any other industry can vary to a great extent. LSD uses the most well-established European dental laboratories specialized in cosmetic dentistry and smile design

High-Strength Zirconia-based ceramic crowns and bridges are covered with tooth coloured ceramic using a traditional layering technique for a a more aesthetic result._MG_0005

Crowns and bridges can be fabricated from a variety of high strength tooth-colored ceramic materials.

High-strength Zirconium-based ceramic crowns and bridges are covered with tooth-colored ceramic using a traditional layering technique for a more aesthetic result (courtesy: Nico Kamosi)

History of present complaints (HPC): Aesthetically disturbing smile line, persistent bleeding gums Clinical presentations: 1. Disproportionate upper restorations, 2. Connected over-dimensioned acrylic restorations with defective restorative margins and lack of inter-proximal space 3.Violation of biologic width Specialist treatment schedule: 1) Full mouth periodontal treatment & stable periodontal health, 2) Gingival re-contouring, 3. Provisional of anatomic restorations for 3 months to achieve & establish anatomic biologic width & smile design, 4. New aesthetic natural E-Max crowns (Courtesy: DR. Nico Kamosi)