• Patients with dental-related phobia and anxiety would benefit from LSD relaxed clinical environment, as well as our in-house psychologist to address their emotional and dental concerns. 
  • LSD welcomes self-referring new patients as well as referrals from our esteemed professional colleagues. 
  • LSD has designed each surgery room for enhanced patient comfort and offers a scheme to provide a consistent 24-hour emergency service. 
  • All our patients at LSD are provided with digitalized diagnostic tools and treatment technologies to reach professional excellence offered by our team members. 
  • To emanate your natural and harmonic smile, LSD employs the latest digitalized technology and outcome simulation to design a smile-line that harmonizes your oral and facial geometry.
  • LSD applies implements fully computerized technologies for both treatment planning and execution of orthodontics and implant dentistry.  
  • LSD applies Digital Smile Design software in advanced cosmetic dentistry to provide our patients with an insight into their smile potential, followed by a well-planned smile design.
  • To reduce the treatment and healing time, the combination of in-house laboratory services and digitalized soft-ware planning enable LSD to offer “same-day full- arch rehabilitation” as well as single-tooth implant-supported teeth. 
  • To ensure the highest quality, longevity and lifetime warranty of dental implant materials, LSD uses premium implant systems.
  • Being committed to long term patient care, LSD offers a 3-year warranty on all laboratory work. 
  • With the advent of low dose Cone-Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT), LSD offers our patients “Guided Implant Surgery” which allows precise treatment planning, and implant positioning with minimal surgical complication and healing time.